Why helping others is good for you

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Studies have shown that by helping others, you do a lot of good for yourself. See how your kindness can improve your mood ‘and your health!

It is well known that New Year’s resolutions melt as quickly as snow in the spring. According to a report recently released by the Baptist Medical Center in Wake Forest, North Carolina, it is often because you are aiming too big at that point.

Do you want to stick to your resolutions and feel proud of yourself? Don’t think too big. If you promise to run a charity marathon every month or build an orphanage, chances are that by spring you will have to admit your failure. It would be different if you just do a few good things in your normal life.

The smallest gestures of kindness have a positive effect on others. Think of the happiness you create around you when you admire someone’s new hairstyle, when you give a call to an elderly person, or when you make sure that a malnourished child has a good meal this week. thanks to a modest donation.

Humans are compassionate beings. How else could we raise our children and keep our friends? Today, the need to help others has taken root in our nature. “We are naturally empathetic. This is why we feel better when we help others and our experience always pushes us more in this direction, “said Dr. Barry Wiser, clinical psychologist in southwestern Nova Scotia. When the person for whom you hold an open door gives you a grateful smile, you are inevitably inclined to start again.

York University released a study last year in which participants were asked to act generously or kindly towards another person for just a few minutes a day. Six months later, these participants admitted that they had much greater self-esteem and satisfaction than those in the control group.

Not only does such altruism cause a feeling of well-being, but it would also have health benefits, as research is proving more and more. According to numerous studies, people who make a habit of helping others enjoy better health than those who do not. In addition, older people who volunteer live longer.

Simple gestures of benevolence make all the difference

The best news is that it is not necessary to dig a freshwater well on your own in a disadvantaged country to enjoy the benefits of your gesture and reap the benefits. So how do you resolve to take this very simple kind gesture of benevolence this year? Here are 6 suggestions to help you get off to a good start:

1. Help. When you see a person fighting with a stroller on a staircase or looking for their way on the streets, take a few minutes to lend a hand.

2. Give compliments. Who is not happy to receive it?

3. Be kind to strangers. At the grocery store, let someone pass you by the checkout if they only have a box of cereal to pay for when your cart is full.

4. Go on the Internet. Email a few words of encouragement to someone, donate to a worthy cause, or answer a question about yourself on the Listserv.

5. Say thank you. It’s a welcome gesture and there are countless opportunities to do so. Thank the bus driver, your babysitter, your basketball instructor, and the waiter who serves you coffee.

6. Clean near the house. Pick up a lying paper, recycle your bottles and straighten your neighbor’s trash can.

As is the case with all New Year’s resolutions, the habit of taking kind gestures is easy and there is no need to go overboard. When you are on your way to the office, taking a walk, or going to your school bus, keep in mind that you need to pay more attention to the people and activities around you. Has a pedestrian just lost his scarf? Is a billboard talking about a good work you should study on the Internet? If you look closely, you will see a thousand and one opportunities to do a little good for others.

Once you get used to it, you will feel a greater need to get involved, according to research from York University. And that’s another reason to be proud of yourself. As Dr. Wiser points out, “People need to make sense of their lives, to feel truly appreciated.” When you realize that your actions make all the difference, your good mood goes up a notch.